Friday, April 9, 2010

The Shark In the Dark

Young Tanner McDougal's was a happy young boy
Until his Daddy told him about the shark in the dark
The shark in the dark flies by the moon on the bay
thats what his daddy told him yesterday
Oooh the shark in the dark, is he mean asked the boy?
Will he chase me and bite me and steal all my toys?
Is he big? Is he mean? Asked young Tanner McDougal
That's when the shark attacked our poodle.
Our poor poodle monties never hurt a fly
Until the shark in the dark decided to come by
He came in the night as sharks tend to do
and when he ate monties we didn't know what to do
So Tanner took out his new home made sword
and then turned to his ship and climbed aboard
He manned the wheel and loaded the harpoon
Knowing the shark in the dark was coming soon
But when he came he didn't smirk or grin
The poor shark didn't even know how to swim
And monties was chasing him, biting his tail
And the shark in the dark let out a mournful wail
Oh please don't get me with your big harpoon
I only come out every seventh full moon
I'm the shark in the dark and I wouldn't hurt a fly
That's when Tanner's momma came by
She gasped at the scene and cried out, "What a Mess!"
This shark in the dark is surely a nasty little pest,
He hides in your closet and only comes out at night
Why I don't think that shark even knows how to bite
But Tanner was focused on the mission at hand
He pulled the poor shark from the water and up on to land
He seized the shark by it's rough skinned tale
and told that shark to leave the island, set sail
For the shark in the dark scares me no more and
he paddled the sharks bottom with an oar!
And he cleaned up the mess and he picked up the debris
Hurling all the sharks victims safely back to sea.
And victorious he settled back into his bed
Knowing that shark would soon be dead
For no sea creature can survive the dreadful mcdoogal stare
and besides no creature would ever dare
cross the young sea hunter aboard his trusty skiff
As his father waves goodbye from the top of the cliff
Now that the seaman has conquered his foes
He heads for adventure wherever the wind blows.