Monday, December 3, 2012

Ernie Belf the Elf-He is where the magic lives

Ernie came to live with us one day.  A product of the naturally curious and daydream afflicted, our Ernie showed up on the doorstep in a box, of all places.  He didn't seem lost or the least bit worried.  His directions simply stated that we were to give him a place in our home and that he would choose a different location every night.  No one is to touch or bother him in any way and he will be watching.  Oh yes, Ernie is always watching to see that you are being nice for his is the greatest purpose that exists:  Ernie Belf Nelson the Elf is one of Santa's personal assistants.  More specifically he is THE Behavior Investigator.  El BElfo, as he is known by his compadres in the polar region, has a keen eye for spotting misbehavior and mischief in general of any kind or sort known to mankind and most specifically to little boys and girls.  He can smell a temper tantrum boiling up inside an upset child before even the child themselves can tell it's coming like a thunderstorm over the bayou in Baton Rouge but that's in Louisiana and why, I'm forgetting the most important part!  Why, Ernie doesn't just sit there judgin ya'll day neither.  Shhoo oot!  Nah lawd firecracka nah!  Ernie can make you happy too Chile!  It's true Mon!  Like dem Jamaicans say in their island irie way, "No Problem!"  And if Ernie Belf is anything at heart, It's a true Jamaican.  So don't worry be happy now mon!  Dream likle dreams of dem fishes in da sea.  Jus lak dat der movie with the los chile fish.  He find him Daddy and they be real irie right?
And don't you forget chile!  Done go on lookin at Ernie too hard for e'll know yer worryin ya soul chile.  Just breathe peace and easy goin style and ya be jus all right son, jus alright!  Big smile now, off ya go to bed.
What?   You don't believe that Ernie Belf is one of Santa's Elves?  Well then, you'll have to see for yourself come Christmas time Son.  Ask him a question with your heart and then stay true to your promises and Ernie will stick to his.
The boy laid down but his bright eyes sparkled with the christmas lights.
Will Ernie answer all of my wishes Dad?  The boy asked hopefully.
Only if you have the courage to believe in your dreams son.  Ernie knows that if you're brave enough to face your fears and embrace every challenge attempted as a victory, you can do just about anything you put your mind to.  His Dad tucked the covers under his Boy's chin.  Good night
Good night Dad. 
The Boy wondered if Ernie really was magic.  He just looked like a doll to the boy but then again, that face.  Every time he walked into the room it was like he could feel the elf's presence before he saw him.  I know there is magic in that little guy and so what the heck?  It only works if you believe in it right?
The next morning when the boy awoke from a heavy slumber, he stumbled out of bed and immediately went to go look for Ernie Belf but he wasn't swinging from the picture frame any longer!  Ernie was sitting on top of the drapes!  He had actually moved!  The elf had moved and it was a miracle.